What is a Spitzoid Neoplasm?

Spitz Nevus Example

A Spitz nevus is a benign skin lesion that usually occurs in children and young adults. The typical Spitz nevus is a pink or flesh-colored growth arising on the face, trunk, or extremities, particularly the legs.

Spitzoid neoplasms include a spectrum of skin lesions ranging from completely benign “typical” Spitz nevi to lesions that are called “atypical” Spitz nevi, which do not precisely conform to the category of a “typical” Spitz nevus. At the other end of the spectrum are malignant melanomas that show “spitzoid” features.

In most cases doctors can distinguish between a typical Spitz nevus and a malignant melanoma. There are cases of Spitzoid neoplasms, however, which can be challenging to classify.

The Repository hopes to further research and enable doctors to better distinguish benign Spitz nevi from malignant melanomas.