Mary M. Tomayko MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Associate Professor of Genetics

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchDermatology: Yale Dermatology Associates | Genetics

Research Interests

Immunologic memory; B cell response; Autoimmunity; Bullous pemphigoid; Pemphigus vulgaris more...


  • Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1998
  • M.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2000

Selected Publications

  • Sadanand, SS and Tomayko, MM. B Cell Biology, in Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology, Eds. Kaplan DH, Gaspari, AA, Stingl, G. In press.
  • Zuccarino-Catania, GV, Sadanand, S, Weisel, FJ, Tomayko, MM, Meng, H, Kleinstein SH, Good-Jacobson, KL, Shlomchik, MH. 2014. CD80 and PD-L2 define functionally distinct memory B cell subsets that are independent of antibody isotype. Nature Immunology. 15:631-7.
  • Conter, LJ, Song E, Shlomchik, MJ and Tomayko, MM. 2014. CD73 expression is dynamically regulated in the germinal center and bone marrow plasma cells are diminished in its absence. PLOS One 9(3):e92009.



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