Residency Program

Research Opportunities

Residents often become involved in clinical and/or basic science research during their training.

Applicants may apply for a four year Research Fellowship Track which consists of two years of primarily clinical training in dermatology, and two years of primarily research fellowship (typically in years three and four). Funding for this program is provided by the National Institutes in Health under special training grants.

Research Fellows continue to participate in clinical and teaching activities of the residency program, but spend the majority of their time in research. Opportunities are available throughout the Yale University School of Medicine to train with world renown professors in Yale’s many exceptional departments including Dermatology, Yale Cancer Center, Immunobiology, Genetics, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, Laboratory Medicine, Comparative Medicine, Epidemiology & Public Health, and Cellular & Molecular Physiology. All fellows are also advised closely by a faculty member within Yale Dermatology.

The Yale School of Medicine is among a select group of medical centers nationwide that have been selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for extensive funding as a Yale Skin Diseases Research Center. Such funding provides for Research Cores and Pilot and Feasibility Studies, which benefit researchers and fellows within and outside the department, and fosters collaborative efforts beyond the department.