Reading Your Skin Biopsy

All moles that are removed should be evaluated by a competent dermatopathologist, a pathologist who is specially trained to study skin specimens. If you belong to a managed-care plan that requires that pathology specimens be sent to a general pathologist, you should insist that they be reviewed by a qualified dermatopathologist. Although you would not normally think to ask where your specimen is being analyzed, in this case it is appropriate and your dermatologist will likely welcome your interest in your care. Often, the dermatopathologist must consult with the dermatologist in order to get additional information about the mole, which is best accomplished when the dermatopathologist and the dermatologist have an ongoing professional relationship.

Excerpt from Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life, Chapter 21, Copyright © 2000, David J. Leffell, MD. All rights reserved.