About Us

Jennifer M. McNiffJennifer McNiff, MD Director, Yale Dermatopathology 

Jennifer McNiff, MD Director, Yale Dermatopathology

We serve over 86 percent of Connecticut’s dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons. We are the region’s leading dermatopathologic consultants also serving plastic surgeons, general surgeons and medical oncologists.

We are a highly skilled team of board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatopathologists who are committed to consistently accurate dermatopathologic diagnoses. Our practice is recognized as a technically advanced referral center for expert diagnosis of benign and malignant skin disorders, hair and nail disease, and hematopoietic disease.

We offer a highly competitive dermatopathology fellowship and host international fellows who train at Yale. We also offer training for dermatology and pathology residents and medical students from around the world. We enjoy the diversity of students who come to our program and we are proud to contribute to the field of dermatopathology worldwide.

We hold leadership positions at national and international meetings where we regularly direct courses and deliver lectures.

We have authored more peer-reviewed publications in the past three years than any other dermatopathology group in the country.

Our innovation produces better diagnostic techniques, and our referring physicians and their patients are the first to benefit.