Messages from the Dean

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High-resolution electron microscopy comes to Yale

The arrival of the cryoelectron microscope heralds a new era in research and discovery.


Investing in Early Career Investigators

Training initiatives provide opportunities to shape tomorrow’s leaders

Commencement 2017

Students Pay It Forward

The Class of 2017 enthusiastically supported the Graduating Class Gift campaign with record participation

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Educational Opportunities Abound at Yale Center for Medical Simulation

The new state-of-the-art center offers hundreds of possible scenarios to help teach and practice clinical skills


A New Home for HAVEN Free Clinic

Student-run clinic relocates to a larger space on the medical campus


Center for Musculoskeletal Care provides multidisciplinary expertise

A broad range of specialist care and access to cutting-edge clinical research distinguish the new center.


Stem cell research provides basic biology and clinical insight

The 10-year anniversary of the Yale Stem Cell Center marks much progress and promise.


Accelerating research discoveries from bench to bedside

The renewal of Yale’s five-year Clinical and Translational Science Award marks 15 years of continuous support under this far-reaching award.

September 26 YSM5416_0027_HHMI

New award recognizes promising researchers

Five young investigators named as HHMI Faculty Scholars.


Alzheimer's research accelerates at Yale

A new federally funded research center supports interdisciplinary efforts and pools resources to focus on Alzheimer’s disease.


Engaging patients in research

The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation is using a host of tools and approaches aimed at investigators and patients that will boost recruitment for clinical research.

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A century of promoting health

The School of Public Health celebrates 100 years of working to stem disease around the world.


Music graces the medical campus

The Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra showcases the talent and collaboration in our community beyond the clinic, classroom, or lab.


Making the biomedical community more diverse

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting 12 undergraduate students who had spent nine weeks at the School of Medicine during the inaugural session of the BioMed Summer Undergraduate...


A new school year, and a new curriculum

As the new academic year begins, we celebrate the implementation of a new medical curriculum for our students. This landmark achievement marks the culmination of years of intensive...


Five decades on, a new approach for clinician scholars

One of the many outstanding programs at the School of Medicine is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program. It has been a great program not only for Yale, but also for...


Training tomorrow's physician-scientists

One of the jewels of Yale School of Medicine is its MD/PhD program. Since its inception in 1969, the MD/PhD program has graduated more than 300 students. As of now, a little over half, or...


From Yale to llamas to the Nobel Prize

As this academic year draws to a close, I want to share with you the outstanding research presented on our annual Student Research Day on May 5. Along with our Farr lecturer, Brian Kobilka,...


Expansion of Yale's PA Program

I write to share exciting news about how the School of Medicine plans to extend the impact and reach of our Physician Associate Program to students around the country.


YCCI celebrates a milestone

Ten years ago we took a careful look at our strengths and opportunities in basic research, clinical research, and clinical medicine as part of a strategic planning process involving dozens...


A big year for the Bodel Center

In 1961, a recent medical school graduate named Phyllis Bodel came to Yale as a research assistant. She later joined the faculty and established herself as a gifted scientist, a beloved...


Best Wishes for the New Year

2013 has been a year of great momentum at the School of Medicine. As 2014 approaches, we look forward to continued excellence and new advances in research, education, and patient care.


Holding Fast to What Is Good

In the wake of Newtown's tragedy, experiencing the peace and joy of the season seems a challenge. As a community focused on healing, we open our hearts to those in distress and hope for...


Saint Raphael Acquisition Creates Opportunities

Yale-New Haven's acquisition of the Hospital of Saint Raphael is exciting news for the School of Medicine, bringing expanded opportunities for clinical growth and community care and closer...


A New Curriculum Begins to Take Shape

Planning effort results in school-wide discussion of what to teach and how to teach it. Assessment tools, digital technologies, educator development offered at new Teaching & Learning...


Taking Clinical Trials to the Next Level

Clinical research at Yale is moving forward rapidly with a major clinical trials recruitment campaign, branding initiative, and new system for data and trials management.


A Time to Celebrate

2011 has been a year of solid achievement for the School of Medicine. Now is a good time to take stock of our accomplishments and gear up for an even better 2012.


A Job Well Done

The Yale >> Tomorrow campaign raised $783 million for the School of Medicine, funds that will further the school's missions of research, education, and advanced clinical care. It wouldn't...


A Major Boost for Cancer Drug Discovery

At a time when collaborations between academia and industry are on the rise, agreements like the one with Gilead Sciences offer a promising route to better therapies for cancer.


Planning For a New Paradigm

A comprehensive review of the curriculum and Yale's vision for medical education yields a set of concrete recommendations for major change. In implementing them, Yale will raise the bar for...


To All, A Good Break

The holiday recess is a time to celebrate, relax, and recharge.


Two Centuries and Counting

The School of Medicine plans a symposium, concert, and a year of special events in celebration of its Bicentennial, along with a book and film about YSM's first 200 years.


A Global Perspective on Medicine

Yale has become a university of the world, and the School of Medicine is looking beyond national borders for solutions to pressing issues in medicine, science, and public health.


Ending YSM's year on a high note

Along with its challenges, 2009 brought major achievements and international recognition to our community. May the new year be one of continued growth, progress, and good health for all.


At the start of a new year, a substantial to-do list

Planning for education, academic programs, an electronic medical record, and growth of the clinical practice are all in full gear; federal stimulus plan sparks an upturn in research grants.


Providing tomorrow's doctors a robust grounding in science

A casual conversation five years ago leads to an extensive review of premedical and medical school course requirements—and recommendations for change at the national level.


A great university, a universe of intellectual treasures

The many resources of Yale University are too inviting to overlook; now a new website explores opportunities for making connections between medicine and the humanities.


“We’re poised to surge forward in the fight against cancer"

With new leadership at YCC, a major research institute planned for West Campus and a state-of-the-art cancer hospital opening in October, Yale’s impact in the field of cancer will multiply.


The promise of West Campus

Nearly half a million square feet of ready-made lab space on 136 acres hold the promise of major new scientific and clinical initiatives. The watchword for West Campus is "transformative."


Moving YSM forward in an uncertain economy

Our approach to the economic downturn must be strategic: we will continue to support programs of high priority, while making every effort to increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

Alpern, Robert

Thanks for making YSM a great place to teach, learn and care for others

Welcome to 333 Cedar Street. This address is home not only to Sterling Hall of Medicine but also a new letter that I’ll be sending monthly. My plan is to write to you about matters related...