Haikun Bao, PhD

Senior Statistician

Selected Publications

  • Edward Boone, Susan Simmons, Haikun Bao and Ann Stapleton (2008). Bayesian Hierarchical Regression Models for Detecting QTLs in Plant Experiments. Journal of Applied Statistics, 2008, vol. 35, issue 7, page 799-808
  • Joshua R. Mann, Suzanne McDermott, Timothy L. Barnes, James Hardin, Haikun Bao, Li Zhou (2009). Trichomoniasis in Pregnancy and Mental Retardation in Children. Annals of Epidemiology, 2009, vol. 19, issue 12, page 891-899
  • Joshua Mann, Suzanne McDermott, Haikun Bao and Adrian Bersabe (2009). Maternal Genitourinary Infection and Risk of Cerebral Palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 2009, vol. 51, Number 4, pp. 282-288

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