CORE News Archives – December 2012
"Can Penalties Help Keep Patients Healthy?" – December 2012
"Lessons From Merck's Niacin Failure" – October 2012
"Pigs Fly as Open Science Comes to Big Pharma" – October 2012
"A Plea for Open Science In Medicine" – October 2012
"Medicare Dings Hospitals for Too Many Repeat Customers" – September 2012
"The Fraying Hospital Safety Net" – September 2012
"Minute By Minute, the Race to Open a Blocked Artery" – August 2012
"More Than 2,200 Hospitals Face Penalties Under ObamaCare Rules" – August 2012
"Readmission: Time to Accept Responsibility" – July 2012
"New 'Weekend Effect' Seen In Cardiac Care" – July 2012
"National Quality Forum Upholds Rehospitalization Measure" – July 2012
"Will ATP IV Spell the End of Cholesterol Targets?" – May 2012
"The FDA Is Faster. Now Let's Make It Safer." – April 2012
"Key Factors Linked to Lower Death Rates Among Patients with Heart Attacks" – April 2012
"NQF Endorses All-Cause Unplanned Readmissions Measures" – March 2012
"Five Things You Need To Know When Deciding On A Cholesterol-Lowering Drug" – March 2012
"Hospital Readmission Calculator? There's an App for That!" – February 2012
"Women's Heart Attacks Misunderstood”
(Video Link) (Audio Link) – February 2012
"Mortality-Risk Calculators for AMI and Heart Failure Patients"

Yale Medicine Chronicle – January 2012
A Yale Clinician Ponders the Ethics of a Seeding Trial Masquerading as Research – January 2012
"Stop Using In-Hospital Mortality Rates to Judge Quality" – January 2012
"Medicine's Biggest Threat" – January 2012
"Missing Data: The Elephant That's Not In the Room"
Yale News – December 2011
"Yale Selects Two Research Centers to Review Safety of Bone Growth Product" – November 2011
"Hospital Transfers for PCI Rarely Fast Enough" – November 2011
"Astrazeneca Study Is Good News for the Public Bad News for Astrazeneca" – November 2011
"Yale Doc Weighs In on Medtronic's Infuse"

Minneapolis Star Tribune – November 2011
"Did Medtronic Sell an Unsafe Product?"

Wall Street Journal – October 2011
"Heart Failure Puts Fewer in Hospital" – October 2011
"Heart Failure Hospitalization Rate Drops 30% in 10 Years"

JAMA – October 2011
"A Model for Dissemination and Independent Analysis of Industry Data"

JAMA – September 2011
"Questions About Spine Fusion Product Prompt a New Process for Reviewing Data"

Cardiovascular Business – August 2011
"Coordination (or Bust) for HF Readmission Reduction"

BJM – August 2011
"Medtronic Submits Full Data on Spinal Protein to Independent Study"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – August 2011
"Barnes-Jewish Faces Cut In Pay" – August 2011
"Speedy Treatment for Heart Attacks Called 'Finest Moment'" – August 2011
"Medtronic Hires Yale Experts for Spine Drug Review"

Discovery Channel – August 2011
"Comparative Effectiveness Research: Plans, Promises and Pitfalls" – August 2011
"A Set of Calculators for Estimating Readmission Risk"

Yale Alumni Magazine – July/August 2011
"The Heart of the Matter" – May 2011
"Five Lessons from Niaspan’s Disappointing Study" – May 2011
"The FDA and Avandia: What Took So Long?" – May 2011
"When Drugs Are Underused and Costs Go Up"

Quality of Care and Outcomes Research (QCOR) – May 2011
Dr. Krumholz receives "The AHA Distinguished Achievement Award for Quality of Care and Outcomes Research". – April 2011
"Why Is Abbott’s TriLipix Defying Gravity?" – April 2011
"Breakthrough Heart Valves: How Will Patients Decide?" – March 2011
"Medicine’s Drip of Uncertainty" - February 2011
"How to Question the Research Question" – January 2011
"Why Doctors Still Don’t Know Which Heart Drug Works Best" – January 2011
"Practicing Medicine Against the Evidence: The Case of Implantable Defibrillators"
Journal Watch Clinical Conversations Podcast - November 2010
Podcast overview of top research presented at the 2010 American Heart Association Meeting - November 2010
"A Double Whammy for Remote Patient Monitoring" - November 2010
"Why Telemedicine Is Overhyped"

Forbes Magazine - September 2010
"The Most Powerful Doctor You Never Heard Of"

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) - September 2010
Dr. Krumholz is appointed to the GAO’s Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) governing board for a 6 year term. - July 2010
"Cardiac Testing Puts Younger Adults at Radiation Risk"

Yale’s Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) - June 2010
"Strategic Thinking – Data As Intelligence" (Video)

Wall Street Journal – April 2010
"Some Success Fighting Heart Disease"

Fox News – March 2010
"Busy Hospitals Have Lower Death Rates" - February 2010
"Drug Companies Disappoint Me Again"

ABC News - February 2010
"President Clinton’s Heart Trouble" (Video)
Medical News Today – November 2009
“Heart Failure: One in Four Hospitalized Patients With Medicare Back In Hospital Within A Month”

Yale’s Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) - June 2009
"Whole System Change with a Focus on Quality Improvement" (Video)

Insider Medicine - May 2009
"Multivessel Heart Disease" (Video)

Washington Post - May 2009
"Which Docs Measure Up?"
U.S. News & World Report - August 2008
"Hospital Deaths Go Public"