Yale University-Mayo Clinic CERSI

Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation

CERSI Scholars Program

The Yale-Mayo Clinic CERSI is currently reviewing applications for the CERSI Scholars Program to support regulatory science research that addresses the mission of the FDA. Eligible individuals for these Awards include students and trainees, including post-graduate fellows, at Yale University and the Mayo Clinic.

More information coming soon!

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Workshop and Lecture Series

The CERSI Workshop and Lecture Series presents current research and advancements in regulatory science related to pre-clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy of medical products, emerging technologies, and assessing diverse data sets through information sciences to improve health outcomes.

Lectures are presented by scientists from the CERSI academic institutions or collaborators of CERSI investigators.

Click here for the 2017 FDA CERSI Lecture Series schedule.

Workshops are held collaboratively between FDA and CERSI academic institutions, or held by those individual universities.

Click here for the 2017 FDA CERSI Workshop schedule.

Additional Resources

Below please find access to additional lectures and seminars in regulatory science:

UCSF-Stanford CERSI Education YouTube Channel: Regulatory Science eLearning

UCSF-Stanford CERSI Seminars YouTube Channel: Innovation and Excellence in Regulatory Science