Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)

The work within the Yale-BD2K project is structured by working groups, or Cores.  Each of the five Cores consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts, including external collaborators from Mayo Clinic, Optum Labs, and Cray Computing, who will work amongst the Cores to manage the overall project, generate healthcare research questions (use cases) for discovery, develop novel statistical tools to problem solve, disseminate these tools for generalizable use, train researchers to use the tools, and work with external partners to ensure that our work makes a difference for patients and society. 

Yale CORE Project Leadership

Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, SM, Principal Investigator
Tara Liptak, MPH, Project Coordinator
Emily Bucholz, MPH
Nicholas Downing, MD

Contact Information

For more information on this project, please contact:  Tara Liptak at