Effective July 1, 2014

Yale Investigator



Transgenic Mouse Service



BAC: add $750


Alternate strain (C57BL/6): add $825


Optional per-day injection: $1144.03/day



Design and Production$1650$2250
Gene Targeting Service

Electroporation, drug selection



Electroporation  alternate ES strain (e.g. C57Bl/6)$1050$1700.00

Expansion of ES colonies, freezing



Alternate strain (e.g. C57Bl/6)$15.50/clone$25/clone

Expansion of positive clones



de novo derivation of ES cells




G-banding $110 additional (must specify at time of request) $175

Freezing of additional vials



Custom services, other requests



Targeting Vector Construction

Based on time + materials


Please inquire

Reagents (available for purchase):

Embryonic stem (ES) cells


Mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF)


ES cell medium

$275/L (additional for other formulations)

MEF medium


Blastocyst Injection

C57BL/6 donor (standard)

$28/ blastocyst

$36/ blastocyst

Alternate donor (e.g. C57Bl/6 albino)additional cost will be based on mouse purchase prices; est. $350/ES clone

Alternate strain (supplied by investigator)



Embryo transfer



Tail clipping




Mouse embryo cryopreservation$100/hr + animal purchase costs$166.50 + animal purchase cost
Embryo thaw/rederivation$475 + animal purchase costs$750 +animal purchase cost

Liquid nitrogen storage


Sperm Cryopreservation
sperm from males with IVF $950/3 adult males$1425

transfer of 2 cells to pseudopregnant females (optional)



In vitro fertilization (IVF)

$700 + animal purchase costs

$900 + animal purchase cost
Non-Yale Investigators: please contact us for prices and scheduling