Betsy Rebecca Schulman Ph.D.

Managing Editor, The Neuroscientist; Administrative Assistant to Director Stephen G. Waxman

Research Interests

Biomedical Research, Editing, Publishing, Human Studies

Selected Publications

  • Schulman BR, Esquela-Kerscher A, Slack FJ. Reciprocal expression of lin-41 and the microRNAs let-7 and mir-125 during mouse embryogenesis. Dev Dyn. 2005 Dec;234(4):1046-54.
  • Maller Schulman BR, Liang X, Stahlhut C, DelConte C, Stefani G, Slack FJ. The let-7 microRNA target gene, Mlin41/Trim71 is required for mouse embryonic survival and neural tube closure. Cell Cycle. 2008 Dec 15;7(24):3935-42.

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