Postdoctoral Associate

Position available to study spinal cord injury and related chronic disorders (see Tan et al, J Neurosci., 28:13173-13183, 2008; Tan Prog Mol Biol Transl Sci., 131:385-408, 2015; Bandaru et al, J Neurophysiol., 113:1598-1615, 2015). PhD and/or MD degree, and experience/publications in neurophysiology with animal models of pain or motor dysfunction are essential. Experience with immunohistochemistry and rodent surgical procedures, including models of SCI and in vivo electrophysiology, are strongly desired. Superb opportunity to work as part of a rapidly moving, collaborative team, applying state-of-the-art methodology to investigate SCI, glial scarring, neuropathic pain, and spasticity. Send statement of interest, CV, and three letters of reference to: Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD or Andrew M. Tan, PhD Neuroscience Research Ctr., Bldg. 34, VA Connecticut Med. Ctr. (127A), 950 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT 06516;


Research Associate in Pain Studies

Position available for an experienced pain researcher to join a multidisciplinary research program exploring molecular pathophysiology of painful neuropathies. MD and/or PhD degree, and experience in molecular biology, transgenic mouse technology and animal behavior with publications, are required. Experience with analysis of DRG neurons, immunohistochemistry, small animal surgery and viral platforms for gene transfer are desirable. See Dib-Hajj et al, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 14: 49-62, 2013 and Samad et al Mol. Therapy 21:49-56. Superb opportunity for a skilled scientist to work collaboratively with molecular geneticists, molecular and cell biologists, physiologists and pharmacologists in a highly collaborative, interactive program. Send letter of interest, CV, and three letters of reference to Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD ( or Sulayman Dib-Hajj, PhD (


Postdoctoral or Research Associate, Cell Biology

Superb opportunity to study the pathophysiology of axonal degeneration and the cellular and molecular mechanisms that mediate pain and axonal degeneration after injury, with focus on the contributions of sodium channels. Ongoing work utilizes in vitro and in vivo models of axonal injury. Candidates should have a strong publication record and intensive training in general molecular and cell biology methods, quantitative morphometry and cellular imaging. Applicants should send a CV and a list of referees to to Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD at

Research Associate, Electrophysiologist

Position available for PhD or MD with expertise in patch-clamp electrophysiology, to join multidisciplinary team studying pathophysiology of ion channels, at the Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research, Yale Medical School.  Prior experience and publications on patch-clamp analysis of ion channels, preferably in sensory neurons and/or on voltage-gated channels, are essential.  Experience with both voltage-clamp and current-clamp analysis, and with functional profiling of channel mutations, is  desirable.  Superb opportunity to work collaboratively with cell and molecular biologists, pharmacologists, etc. Send statement of interest, CV, and three letters of reference to Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD at