The Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention Open Trial

To determine CFTSI effectiveness across multiple settings and populations, the Childhood Violent Trauma Center is designing an open trial to study the effectiveness of the intervention across multiple settings and with multiple populations. Using a REDCap-based CFTSI data management system as the springboard, the CFTSI open trial will measure treatment outcome effect sizes.

An effect size is a simple and easily understood--but powerful--measure of effectiveness that is clinically more meaningful than statistical significance because it is not confounded by the size of the sample. It allows moving beyond "does it work?" to "how well does it work in different settings/populations?" It is frequently used in meta-analyses to standardize outcomes across multiple studies using different measures, but it can be used to compare differences between groups or the degree of pre-post change within a group. 

At each level (clinician, agency, system) pre-post treatment outcome effect sizes will be compared to determine relative and absolute effectiveness of CFSTI for the full range of outcome variables. 

The plan is to compare pre-post, and pre-3 month follow-up outcomes for the first 25 cases at each new CFTSI site. Later, total and time-delimited (e.g. quarterly) effect sizes will be calculated as additional cases are completed at each site. This will provide multiple replications of CFTSI effectiveness that can be examined for different populations, agencies and adaptations, as well as for CFTSI as a whole.