The Child Development Community Policing Program Evaluation

An evaluation of the CD-CP Program Acute Response was completed in 2008 by Caliber Associates in Washington, D.C. in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice.  The purpose of the evaluation was to look at the effects of a collaborative response by law enforcement and mental health professionals on children exposed to community violence.  Findings showed that: 

  • By responding, immediately and collaboratively, barriers to receiving services for families were removed. 
  • Clinicians were able to have greater impact on the provision of services to a family due to the immediate onset of a referral. 

Evaluation of the Joint Home Visit Follow Up

The Joint Home Visit Follow Up is a specialized component of the Child Development-Community Policing program. The intervention focuses on the central role of domestic violence in perpetuating the cycle of violence and translates what has been learned about the problem and impact of inter-personal violence into the development and implementation of effective collaborative law enforcement strategies that address the needs of women and children exposed to domestic violence. 

A comprehensive evaluation of the home visit follow up program was conducted in New Haven in 2006-7 and found that: 

  • Families that received visits were more likely to call the police for new domestic violence incidents in the 12 months following the visit than comparison families, these new calls were significantly less likely to involve violent incidents than were calls from comparison families, and these calls were significantly more likely to involve verbal altercations or violations of court orders. 
  • Families that received visits felt safer and more positive toward the police following the visit than families that received standard 911 police service. 
  • Families that received visits were more likely than comparison families to engage their children in mental health and other support services in the 12 months following the visit.