The Childhood Violent Trauma Center offers a wide variety of training opportunities for professionals of many disciplines, with the common goals of increasing awareness of the impact of exposure to violence and other potentially traumatic events, and enhancing professionals’ capacity to identify and respond to the psychological needs of traumatized children.

CFTSI Training

The Childhood Violent Trauma Center offers training to agencies interested in adding the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention to their menu of services. 

Post-Graduate Training for Clinicians

The CVTC provides clinical training for child psychiatrists, child psychologists and clinical social workers in assessment, treatment and collaborative approaches to intervention with children and families affected by violence and other potentially traumatic events.

Police Officer Training

As part of the CD-CP Program, New Haven police officers of all ranks receive training on principles of:

  • Child development
  • Human functioning
  • Responses to trauma

Consultation to Communities Developing Law Enforcement-Mental Health Partnerships

The CVTC offers consultation, training and technical assistance to communities interested in developing law enforcement-mental health partnerships to respond to children exposed to violence.