Edward F Zigler PhD

Sterling Prof Emeritus Psychology; Emeritus Faculty; Director, Emeritus, The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development & Social Policy

Research Interests

A major branch of Edward Zigler's studies and writings concerns the development and assessment of intervention programs to meet the needs of children and their families. He has worked with the State of Connecticut in designing the state school readiness program. He and his colleagues surveyed child care standards in the states as well as their preschool programs to raise awareness of the importance of quality and to guide policy makers in mandating higher quality programs. He also continues his interest in the Head Start program, conducting research, integrating the literature on early care and education, and making recommendations for the future. He and his colleagues are currently hard at work on developing a plan for a universal preschool program for our nation.

Selected Publications

  • Zigler, E. (In press). Intelligence and cognitive exceptionality: The motivational perspective. In S. Kreitler (Ed.), Cognition in context. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Zigler, E., & Beatty, B. (In press). Reliving the history of compensatory education: Policy choices, bureaucracy, and the politicized role of science in the evolution of Head Start. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Zigler, E., & Finn-Stevenson, M. (in press). The School of the 21st Century: Addressing the needs of the whole child. In B. Falk (Ed.) In defense of childhood. New York: Teachers College Press
  • Burack, J.A., Hodapp, R.M., Iarocci, G., & Zigler, E., (2011). The Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Disability and Development. New York, NY: Oxford University Press
  • Zigler, E., Gilliam, & W., Barnett, W.S. (Eds.) (2011). Current debates and issues in prekindergarten education. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes.
  • Zigler, E., Muenchow, S., & Ruhm, C. (In press). Time off with baby: The case for paid infant care leave. Washington, DC. Zero to Three
  • Bishop-Josef, S. J., & Zigler, E. (2011). Play and Head Start. In S. W. Russ & L. N. Niec (Eds.), Play in clinical practice: Evidence-Based Approaches. New York, NY: Guilford Press.
  • Zigler, E. (2010). Are we promising too much for preschool education programs? In A. Reynolds, A. Rolnick, M. Englund & J. Temple (Eds.), Childhood programs and practices in the first decade of life: A human capital integration. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Zigler, E., & Finn-Stevenson, M. (2010). A new role for schools: Providing child care and family support services. In D. Preiss & R. Sternberg (Eds.), Innovations in educational psychology perspectives on learning, teaching, and human development. New York: Springer-Verlag
  • Zigler, E., Mahoney, J., & Parente, M. (2010). After-school program participation and children’s development. In J. Meece & J. Eccles (Eds.), Handbook of research on schools, schooling, and human development. Pp. 379-397. Routledge

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