Thomas J McMahon, PhD

Professor; Program Director, West Haven Mental Health Clinic and Young Adult Service at the Connecticut Mental Health Center; Director of Clinical Research, Connecticut Mental Health Center

Research Interests

Child Abuse; Father-Child Relations; Fathers; Parent-Child Relations; Parents; Domestic Violence; Substance-Related Disorders; Reproductive Behavior

Public Health Interests

Child Development, Policies, Programs; Child Mental Health

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center | Psychology Section | Substance Abuse Research

Research Summary

As a clinical child and school psychologist, I am broadly interested in ways the principles of developmental psychopathology can be used to explore the impact of substance abuse on family process and the psychosocial development of children. I am particularly interested in (a) the impact of substance abuse on fathering, (b) parenting as a treatment issue for substance-abusing men and women, and (c) the development of parent intervention for men and women enrolled in substance abuse treatment.

Selected Publications

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