Laurie Cardona-Wolenski PsyD

Associate Research Scientist in the Child Study Center and Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing; Chief of Psychology, Yale Child Study Center Psychology Training Program; Co-Director, Yale Child Study Center Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Service

Research Interests

child and adolescent psychiatry; psychological testing; pediatric consultation-liaison

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, J. M., Cardona, L. The Consultation and Liaison Processes to Pediatrics. In Martin, A., & Volkmar, F. (Eds.) Child and adolescent psychiatry: A Comprehensive textbook, fourth edition. (2007).
  • Sukhodolsky, D. G., Cardona, L., Martin, A. Characterizing aggressive and noncompliant behaviors in a children's psychiatric inpatient setting, Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 2005, 36 (2):177-93.
  • Martin, A., Krieg, H., Esposito, F., Stubbe, S., Cardona, L. Reduction of restraint and seclusion through collaborative problem solving: A five-year prospective inpatient study. Psychiatric Services, 2008, 59 (12): 1406-1412.

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