Lawrence Staib PhD

Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, of Biomedical Engineering and of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests

Automated biomedical image analysis and measurement; geometric and probabilistic deformable models for segmentation and nonrigid registration of biomedical images for measurement of structure and function with applications to neuroscience and cardiology; functional magnetic resonance image (fMRI) analysis; diffusion weighted magnetic resonance (DW-MR) image analysis

Research Summary

Dr. Staib's research centers on techniques for accurate analysis and quantification of medical images. Current medical imaging modalities can reveal rich information about structure and function in three dimensions and in vivo. However, in order to extract measures that are meaningful for scientific or clinical purposes, it is necessary to have quantitative methods of medical image analysis that are robust in the presence of noise, complexity, artifacts, etc.

Dr. Staib is developing methods for the segmentation of anatomic object boundaries from structural images using geometric models of deformable objects. These boundaries can then be used to measure various geometric features (e.g., curvature, volume, surface area) that may be indicative of disease.

Nonrigid registration between images of different subjects or other nonrigidly related structures is another key problem. Dr. Staib is working on a formulation of match measures and transformations which will enable the determination of an optimal alignment of homologous features. He is also interested in the analysis of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images and functional magnetic resonance images. Dr. Staib is applying these techniques primarily to the measurement of neuroanatomy and function.

Selected Publications

  • Using Perturbation Theory to Compute the Morphological Similarity of Diffusion Tensors. Bansal, R. Staib, L.H. Dongrong Xu Laine, A.F. Royal, J. Peterson, B.S. Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Publication Date: May 2008 Volume: 27, Issue: 5 page(s): 589-607.
  • L. H. Staib, M. Styner, Advances in Radiologic Image Analysis from MICCAI 2005, Guest Editor’s Introduction, Academic Radiology, 13(9):1053-1054, 2006.
  • L. H. Staib, Y. M. Wang, Methods for Nonrigid Image Registration, In: Handbook of Geometric Computing: Applications in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Neuralcomputing, and Robotics, E. Bayro-Corrochano, editor, Springer-Verlag, pages 571-602, 2005.
  • Integrated Intensity and Point-Feature Nonrigid Registration. Xenophon Papademetris , Andrea P. Jackowski, Robert T. Schultz, Lawrence H. Staiband James S. Duncan. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. Volume 3216 Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention. MICCAI 2004 Pages 763-770 2004.

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