International Child Development & Social Policy

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Holding onto the World

Despite the unequivocal scientific evidence in support of early childhood development (ECD), over 200 million young children across the globe are not achieving their potential. The majority of the world’s children live in developing countries and they continue to bear the greatest burden of poverty, disease, and conflict situations. The need to take hold and turn these world conditions on an axis is clear; despite tremendous scientific advancements, progress has been slow in adopting these children into international policies that can potentially make a difference in their lives, globally.

The international early childhood development and policy initiatives being carried out by the Yale Child Study Center are in response to this clear and urgent need. The goals of this work have been motivated by poor developmental outcomes for young children, globally, and the incredible scientific evidence that is being generated to ameliorate these outcomes. These initiatives endeavor to bring the evidence to bear an effect upon the formulation, implementation and analysis of international development frameworks and national-level social and public policies that impact the lives of young children.

Current Leadership

Early Childhood Peace Consortium InaugurationL-R Standing: Pia Rebello Britto, PhD (CSC); Omri Wiseman (CSC), James F. Leckman, MD (CSC), Daniel Tam-Clairborne, Kaveh Khoshnood, PhD, MPH (EPH), Walter Gilliam, PhD (CSC), Seharish Gillani, Gerald O'Dowd (Arts & Sci), Kerry Ann Dobies (FASPSY); Adrian Cerezo, PhD; C. Brandon Ogubunufor, MD; Yanki Yazgan, MD (CSC), Kyle D. Pruett, MD (CSC/Sch Nursing) L-R Seated: Catherine Panter-Brick, PhD (Anthropology, Health & Global Affairs, EPH), Jiarui Wang (ACSWS), Rima Salah, PhD (CSC), Maria R. Reyes, PhD (CSC), Anna Zonderman, MPH (CSC); N. Shemrah Fallon (CSC); Angelica Ponguta, PhD (CSC) Photo credit: N. Shemrah Fallon and Eva Lotta Schiermeyer 

Yale Child Study Center 

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At present, the following projects have been initiated with goals to generate scientific evidence and share that knowledge, inform policy, translate science into practice, and advocate for the empowerment and well-being of children, their families and communities across the globe:

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