Year 1

Dedicated Research Time PGY-1

One Month

Residents begin their training within the Yale Department of Pediatrics in order to best facilitate immersion in medical care at a tertiary children's hospital. 

The internship year is made of 13 four-week blocks. Five 4-week blocks of general pediatrics, including 3 inpatient blocks, one emergency pediatrics block, and a pediatrics acute care block. These pediatrics blocks are interspersed with one block of adult neurology consult, one block of child neurology consult, one block of inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry (ages 12-17 years old), one block of child consultation-liaison psychiatry and one block of dedicated research time. 

The final rotation of the year consists of 3 blocks on an inpatient adult psychiatry unit at the Veterans Hospital where the two Integrated residents have a chance to work together and with other general psychiatry interns. The combination of pediatrics, child psychiatry, and research elective sets the foundation of the child psychiatry research identity.