Scott W Woods MD

Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Research Interests

Risk syndrome for psychosis; Psychosis prodrome; Attenuated psychosis disorder

Current Projects

Predictors and Mechanisms of Conversion to Psychosis (MH082022)
Ziprasidone vs placebo for the psychosis prodrome
D-serine for the psychosis prodrome (MH074356)
Huperzine for cognitive enhancement in schizophrenia (MH083436)

Research Summary

Dr. Woods conducts studies aiming to improve prediction of which prodromal adolescents and young adults will progress to frank psychosis and which will remit. He also conducts studies aiming to improve the treatment of current symptoms and to prevent progression.

Selected Publications

  • Woods SW, Addington J, Cadenhead KS, Cannon TD, Cornblatt BA, Heinssen R, Perkins DO, Seidman LJ, Tsuang MT, Walker EF, McGlashan TH. Validity of the prodromal risk syndrome for psychosis: Findings from North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study. Schizophrenia Bulletin 2009 35: 894-908
  • Woods SW, Morgenstern H, Saksa JR, Walsh BC, Sullivan MC, Money R, Hawkins KA, Gueorguieva RV, Glazer WM. Incidence of tardive dyskinesia with atypical and conventional antipsychotics: prospective cohort study. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2010;71:463-474
  • Woods SW, Walsh BC, Saksa JR, McGlashan TH. The case for including Attenuated Psychotic Symptoms Syndrome in DSM-5 as a psychosis risk syndrome. Schizophrenia Research 2010;123:199-207
  • Woods SW, Carlson JP, McGlashan TH. The Psychosis Risk Syndrome: The DSM-5 proposal is better than DSM-IV. Psychosis 2010;2:187-190

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