The Solnit Integrated Training Program

A 6-year research track residency for physicians who want to specialize in Child Psychiatry

The Yale Child Study Center has a long history of combining excellent clinical training with cutting edge research, emphasizing that thoughtful, empathic work with patients provides the building blocks to developing impactful research programs. Residents who desire both research and Child Psychiatry training face substantial challenges in the “sequential” model of training. Common questions include, “do I pursue a research track residency, then put my work on hold to pursue Child Fellowship?” or “Do I fast-track into Child Psychiatry then pursue research once my clinical training is complete?”. The Solnit program is an integrated model of training designed to address these unique challenges and to create leaders in the field of Child Psychiatry.

Individuals must be engaged with children as early as possible...[and] doing research must be accessible even before individuals are 'fully trained' as clinicians, let alone as child psychiatrists.