Phyllis M Gladstein DEd

Biographical Info

Dr. Cohen's academic work are in the fields of autism and in trauma. She is a child psychoanalyst and on the faculty of the Western New England Institute of Psychoanalysis. Internationally she is a Vice President of IACAPAP, International Association of Child Psychiatry and the Allied Professions, serves as an advisor to EMACAPAP, the Eastern Mediterranean Association of Child Psychiatry which encompasses the 22 Arab countries in this region, is affiliated with Tel Aviv University, The Cohen-Harris Trauma Center in Tel Aviv, and Bar Ilan University.

Her late husband, Dr. Donald Cohen, chaired the Yale Child Study Center for 18 years until his death in 2001. The have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

International Activity

  • Early identification of children with autism
    Israel(1972 - 2015)
    Co-existence interests in the Middle East and international interests in general in the area of child mental health.

Education & Training

Western New England Institute of Psychoanalysis
Boston University (1969)

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