Baptiste Barbot, PhD

Assistant Professor (Adjunct) in the Child Study Center; Assistant Professor, Pace University, Department of Psychology, NYC Campus

Research Interests

Adaptation, Psychological; Psychology, Adolescent; Child Development; Creativity; Identity Crisis; Juvenile Delinquency; Longitudinal Studies; Personality; Psychometrics; Self Concept; Statistics

Public Health Interests

Psychosocial risk factors

Research Organizations

Child Study Center: YASC

Research Summary

Dr. Barbot received his Ph.D in Developmental and Individual Difference Psychology from University Paris Descartes. His research focuses on creative thinking development in adolescence as a factor supporting identity formation and the prevention of externalizing and delinquency-related problems. He was awarded a grant from the Spencer foundation, to conduct a longitudinal research on this issue, with adolescents from the community and juvenile detention facilities. Author of several psychometric tests and assessment techniques (creativity measures, situational judgment tests and self-report measures of personality-related constructs), he has strong interest in psychological and educational measurement, and the application of new methods for the study and modeling of change and development. Through his expertise in the matter, he is involved in several projects at EGlab including a large longitudinal study on the role of maternal drug abuse in relation to children’s longitudinal trajectories of adjustment and resilience (with Dr. Suniya Luthar, Columbia University), and the analysis of change under the influence of IICAPS, a home-based, family focused intervention program to prevent the institutionalization of children and adolescents with mental health needs.

Selected Publications

  • Barbot, B., Haeffel, G. J., Macomber, D., Hart, L., Chapman, J., & Grigorenko., E. L. (2012). Development and Validation of the Delinquency Reduction Outcome Profile (DROP) in a Sample of Incarcerated Juveniles: A Multi-Construct/Multi-Situational Scoring
  • Barbot, B., Hunter, S.R., Grigorenko E. L., & Luthar, S. S. (in Press). Dynamic of Change in Pathological Personality Trait Dimensions: A Latent Change Analysis Among at-Risk Women. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.
  • Bick, J., Naumova, O., Hunter, S., Barbot, B., Lee., M., Luthar, S. S., Raefski, A., & Grigorenko, E. L. (In press). Childhood Adversity and DNA Methylation of Genes involved in the HPA axis and Immune System: Whole Genome and Candidate Gene Associations.
  • Barbot, B., Randi, J., Tan, M., Levenson, C., Friedlaender, L., Grigorenko. E. L. (in press). From Perception to Creative Writing: A Multi-method Pilot Study of a Visual Literacy Instructional approach. Learning and Individual Differences.
  • Barbot, B., Tan, M., & Grigorenko, E. L. (in press). The Genetics of Creativity: The Generative and Receptive Sides of the Creativity Equation. In O., Vartanian, A. Bristol, & J. Kaufman (Eds.), The Neuroscience of Creativity. New york: Cambridge Universi
  • Barbot, B., Tan, M., Randi, J., Santa-Donato, G., & Grigorenko, E. L. (2012). Essential skills for Creative Writing: Integrating Multiple Domain-Specific Perspectives. Thinking skills and creativity, 7(3), 209-223.
  • Barbot, B. & Lubart, T.I (2012). Adolescence, Créativité et Transformation de Soi. Enfance, 2012(3), 299-312. [Adolescence, Creativity and Self-Transformation]
  • Barbot, B. & Hunter, S. R. (2012). Developmental changes in adolescence and risks for delinquency. In E. L. Grigorenko (Ed.), Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry (pp. 11-34). New York, NY: Springer.
  • Barbot, B., & Lubart, T.I. (2012). Creative Thinking in Music: Its Nature and Assessment through Musical Exploratory Behaviors. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. 6(3), 231-242.
  • Tan, M., Randi, J., Barbot, B., Levenson, C., Friedlaender, L. K., & Grigorenko, E. L. (2012). Seeing, connecting, writing: Developing creativity and narrative writing in children. In E. L. Grigorenko, E. Mambrino & D. Preiss (Eds.), Handbook of writing:
  • Lubart, T.I., Besançon, M., & Barbot, B. (2011). Evaluation du Potentiel Créatif (EPoC). Editions Hogrefe France. [Evaluation of Creative Potential] (120 pages).
  • Barbot, B. (2011). Brief Big Five (BB5), version Adolescent. Editions Hogrefe France [Brief Big Five for adolescents]
  • Barbot, B., Besançon, M., Lubart T.I. (2011). Assessing Creativity in the Classroom. The Open Education Journal, 4(2), 58-66.

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