Adriana Laura González Ph.D.

Faculty - Clinician

Research Interests

Child Maltreatment; Attachment Relationships; Resilience and Dysfunction; Developmental Psychopathology.

Current Projects

Committee Member of an Attachment Research Network in Latin America:

Alan Sroufe, professor emeritus at ICD, recently recruited 26 researchers and clinicians from 8 different Iberian-American countries, and created an attachment network, Red Iberoamericana de Apego: RIA (Iberian-American Attachment Network). RIA was established due to pressing need for expanded attachment research programs and attachment informed interventions in Latin America. The purpose of RIA is to promote human development and well being, informed by attachment theory, centering on research, and with implications for public policies, education, and intervention.

Research Summary

Dr. Adriana L. González has been involved in research and clinical interventions with maltreated children and their families. Her research interests emphasize developmental psychopathology perspectives that focus in the interplay between normal and atypical development, the developmental consequences of child maltreatment, and the study of attachment relationships, including their relation to the development of the self and psychopathology across development. Dr. González’s clinical interventions are derived from an ecological-transactional model that underscores the importance of attending to cultural, community, and family features influencing individuals’ lives and factors fostering resilience or dysfunction.

Selected Publications

  • Torres Gomez de Cadiz, B. & Gonzalez, A.L. (manuscript in process). Maltrato Infantil: Aportaciones Desde la Teoría e Investigación de Apego.
  • González, A.L., Toth, S.L., Rogosch, F.A., Cicchetti, D. (manuscript in process). Attachment Insecurity and Maternal Affective Discourse as Mediators of Emotion Dysregulation Among Toddlers of Mothers Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.
  • González, A.L., Cicchetti, D., Rogosch, F., & Toth, S.L. (manuscript in process). Mental Representations of Attachment and Their Relation to the Intergenerational Transmission of Maltreatment.

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