National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

Center for Disaster Response and Recovery

The Center for Disaster Response and Recovery is a behavioral health training and consultation resource for those charged with the response and recovery efforts of catastrophic events. The Center uses the principles derived from CDCP and DVHVI work with emergency responders to inform leaders, managers and responders of the human responses to disasters and to assist in their planning and preparation efforts. Large-scale disasters and acts of terrorism differ from other emergency events by their sheer magnitude and by the breadth and complexity of the required response. Failure to recognize typical human reactions to danger and fear in catastrophic circumstances can negatively affect the success of disaster response efforts. During a catastrophic event we are all susceptible to major disruptions in the way we think, feel and act. Integrating behavioral health considerations into well-established standard operating procedures and disaster response plans enhances response and recovery efforts to the benefit of responders and the community alike. During 2006 and 2007, activities of the Center included:

  • Sponsored a Connecticut conference on disaster response and recovery
  • Developed a guidebook for disaster response and recovery for community leaders, managers and first responders
  • Produced a report for the New Haven Urban Area Security Initiative integrating behavioral health into their emergency response plan