Malcolm Adler

Malcolm Adler-photo

Malcolm Adler received the Patrick Francis Daly Memorial Award in 2000 for his outstanding leadership of Washington School in Camden, New Jersey. He is currently the interim principal of J. Harvey Rodgers Schoolin Glassboro, New Jersey.

Reflections on the Comer Process

The School Development Program has had a profound impact upon me professionally and personally. Though we stopped receiving professional development in the Camden school district, that did not stop the core of staff at Washington School from practicing the principles and elements of what we learned. The entire process resulted in our school reaching high levels of achievement. Washington School was one of only twenty-five schools in New Jersey selected as a Governor's School of Excellence, and we achieved Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) three years in a row. Everything we learned from Jan Stocklinski, the faculty of the School Development Program at Yale, as well as the retreats in Atlantic City, had an impact on all of us at Washington School.

Since retiring from the Camden Public Schools, I was selected recently to serve the Glassboro, New Jersey Schools as an interim principal. I find myself practicing the principles of the SDP in a natural way. I am very grateful to everyone who had some part in sharing the principles of the School Development Program with me. It certainly has made me a better person today.