SIQA Psychometric Information

A Principal Components Analysis with Varimax rotation yielded a 9-factor solution, supporting the factor structure posited a priori. The 9-factor solution accounted for more than 75% of the variance. Loadings on the factors ranged from very good .63 to excellent .86. Internal consistency reliabilities for the factors are excellent, ranging from .91 to .97. (See Table 1 for details.)

Table 1.  School Implementation Variables with Internal Consistency Reliabilities

Variable Name


Cronbach’s Alpha

Comprehensive School Plan Effectiveness

Section II: 2a to 2k and 4


SPMT Effectiveness

Section III: 3a to 3h and 4


SPMT Practice of SDP Guiding Principles

Section III, 5: SM1 to SM5


SSST Effectiveness

Section IV: 3a to 3e and 4


SSST Practice of SDP Guiding Principles

Section IV: ST1 to ST5


Parent Team Effectiveness

Section V: 3a to 3f and 4


Parent Team Practice of SDP Guiding Principles

Section V: PT1 to PT5



Section VI: 1 to 6


Curriculum Developmental Focus

Section VII: 2 to 7