Child Psychiatry on Pediatrics

Child Psychiatry on Pediatrics (CPP), now in its ninth year, serves as both an extension of the emergency room and a bridge to ongoing inpatient care. Yale-New Haven Hospital has managed ever increasing numbers of crisis presentations.  This, along with a shortage of outpatient services leads to increased demand for inpatient beds and the inability to meet that demand. Children at many hospitals stay in the emergency room or are admitted to pediatric medical floors while awaiting transfer to an appropriate psychiatric facility. The experience for both child and caregivers is taxing, and providing on-going care in this transitional period proves difficult. CPP is an innovative response to this pressure point. Here at YNHH, children who require admission to an inpatient unit, but for whom there are no beds, are admitted to the pediatric medical floors and assigned to the service of an attending psychiatrist. Their management is undertaken by social workers, advanced psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatry residents, psychology fellows, medical residents, and psychiatry attendings. Patients and their families are seen daily by the dedicated CPP team. Psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological interventions are undertaken as indicated. At times, with adequate stabilization, we can discharge the child home. The service also minimizes the burden for the hospital staff which can then focus on their primary mission, providing care to children who have acute or chronic physical illnesses.

The emergency services and CPP also serve as centers of training for Yale residents, fellows, medical students, and nurses. It is our mission to confer knowledge and expertise in child mental health care, so that all clinicians are better equipped to understand and help families in crisis.

Faculty: Yann B. Poncin, M.D.