• July 22-24, 2013 - Yale Child Study Center Autism Program's 12th Annual Summer Institute on Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

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Yale Child Study Center Autism Program's 10th Annual Summer Institute on Autism Spectrum Disorders July 22-4, 2013
Yale Child Study Center, Cohen Auditorium
New Haven, CT

The core mission of the Autism Program at the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC), Yale School of Medicine, is to advance the best science of clinical care for individuals with autism and their families. The program is also one of the leading research centers in the world and is recognized as one of the National Institutes of Health Autism Centers of Excellence. The YCSC trains the next generation of leaders in the field in various disciplines of science and clinical care, and is deeply involved with parent support and governmental agencies, with the ultimate goal of advancing knowledge, disseminating best practices, and improving services in the community.