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Horseback riding at Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center in Naugatuck went really well! We loved the horses and the chance to learn about them and ride! A few young women may have found a new passion! 


The first meeting for teens was held on April 5th at the Child Study Center. Following introductions we talked as a group about the purpose of the Initiative, and what kinds of activities we’d like to do together. Some things mentioned were science activities, learning computer coding, Geo-caching/Letterboxing, art classes, movie nights, baking and shopping for books and clothes. Everyone agreed dining out would be a great option anytime!

We discussed whether a new name for our Initiative would make sense, rather than Initiative for Girls and Women with autism spectrum disorders. Some of the ideas were:

  • Femina
  • Fillia
  • Connections
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Rainbow animals
  • Stella Bellas
  • La Belle E’toile
  • Hoshi NoOnnanoko
  • Project Grow

We will keep brainstorming and get input from the Leadership Working Group and the Advisory Board for the Initiative.

Our group would like to try to meet every two weeks, if possible. We know that everyone cannot always attend each meeting, but we hope over time everyone will have some possibilities for coming and having fun.