Giving to the Initiative for Girls and Women with Autism Spectrum Disorders

We have been incredibly fortunate to have the support of Jim and Marilyn Simons, Kim and Prisca Marvin, Kevin Pelphrey and other very generous & anonymous donors over the course of the last three years. We are committed to offering high quality programs for teenagers and women with ASD, aimed at promoting personal growth, positive self-esteem, and the development of satisfying, independent lives for our participants. These objectives can only be accomplished if we can offer great programming to a wide variety of individuals of all ages and levels of functioning. Research on the impact of our programs on the lives of our participants will provide greater information about what kind of programming is effective and should be further developed. We are working actively to develop a research component for the Initiative.

Part of our funding comes from entities such as Autism Speaks which recently granted us $25,000 to conduct our job training program for young adults. While we continue to apply for grant money, we hope to connect with individuals or larger entities that may be interested in our story. It isn't hard to make a case that our program is a valuable one, but we are aware that there are many great causes out there for those who want to give. Please contact Kathy at to ask any questions about our current program or future directions. We are happy to have a dialogue with you about how you can help and how we can work together as partners to promote the success of the Initiative.

Alternatively, you may contact Ms. Zsuzsanna Somogyi (, from the Office of Development for the Child Study Center. Zsuzsanna is knowledgeable about our program and ways to help. Federal income tax deductions are available for those who make charitable contributions.