Steven Berkowitz, MD

Medical Director, National Center for Children Exposed to Violence; Medical Director, Intensive In-home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service

Extensive Research Description

My work involves two converging areas, both based in the development of interventions for children who struggle with adverse and traumatizing experiences. Through the National Center for Children Exposed Violence (NCCEV), we interested in early intervention strategies for children who are exposed to potentially traumatic events. Much of our efforts have been focused on creating collaborative system interventions to decrease the negative sequelae for these children.I am currently the PI on a study of a brief four session intervention that attempts to prevent posttraumatic psychological symptoms and disorders in children with symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder. This intervention, The Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention's (CFTSI) objective is to increase parental and family support for the affected child with the goal of ameliorating symptoms. The second intervention in conjunction with colleagues at the Child Study Center, Joe Woolston and Jean Adnopoz is Intensive In-home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service (IICAPS). This is a intensive service provided in the home and community that works with children with severe emotional disturbance and their families. In most cases, the children and families have suffered from profound ecological stressors and adversities. IICAPS is now a state-wide service with 16 sites throughout Connecticut. We are currently conducting a pilot study to assess its effectiveness.

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Steven Berkowitz, MD
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