Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Training Programs

The Child Study Center is internationally recognized for excellence in child and adolescent psychiatry training. The program, which has been continuously accredited for over 40 years, graduates up to 7 child and adolescent psychiatrists annually. Trainees are a diverse group of talented physicians from all over the nation. Additionally, in recognition of the extent of need for child and adolescent psychiatrists worldwide, we have international trainees whose mission is to gain the expertise required to provide care and train physicians in their native countries to treat psychiatrically impaired children and adolescents. For physicians who have completed general psychiatry training, there is the 2-year clinical training program and a 4-year clinical and research academic training track. Additionally, a new 5 to 6-year general/child and adolescent/ and research psychiatry track was initiated in July of 2004 as model training program for medical school graduates. All training highlights the acquisition of superior clinical skills in working with children and families in the full arena of community and clinical care settings and multidisciplinary context. Additionally, opportunities for research, training in public policy and advocacy, and international initiatives are unique aspects of the program. The Child Study Center seeks to train future leaders in the fields of clinical, research and public policy work to advance the state of the art of prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders in children.