The mission of the Yale Child Study Center is to improve the mental health of children and families, advance understanding of their psychological and developmental needs, and treat and prevent childhood mental illness through the integration of research, clinical practice, and professional training.
  • Investigate the causes, consequences and prevention of   mental health problems in children, adolescents and their families.
  • Translate clinical observations and research findings into innovative, effective, and accessible models of clinical care.
  • Train succeeding generations of clinicians and researchers who will become leaders in the field of child mental health. 
  • Disseminate knowledge to inform policies and encourage adoption of evidence based practices in the care of children and their families.

Excellence in the Field of Children’s Mental Health

The Child Study Center strives to be the pre-eminent Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the world. It is committed to recruiting, supporting and encouraging the most gifted clinicians, researchers, and leaders in the field today as well those in succeeding generations in the service of its clinical, research, training, policy, and prevention agendas.       

Caring, Civility and Respect

The strength of the Child Study Center community is dependent upon and made manifest by the contributions of each member of the department regardless of academic rank and position. Faculty and staff are expected to treat each other with civility and respect at all times, be honest and straightforward in their interactions, and express their appreciation and accomplishments of the efforts of others without equivocation.              

Ethics and Professionalism

The Child Study Center holds firmly to the highest principles of professional conduct in all aspects of its clinical service, research, and training.  All members of the Department strive to maintain a standard of excellence and best practice in their daily work.         

Shared Organizational Commitment

The Child Study Center highly values and strongly encourages the shared commitment of all members of the Department to the mission, goals, and strategies that they have set together.