Instruments & Rates

Equipment Rates

Hourly Usage Rates 
Other Educational Institution
FEI Tecnai Biotwin TEM$50$60$100
FEI Tecnai T12 TEM$45$54$90
FEI Tecnai TF20 TEM/STEM$90$108$180
FEI Tecnai F20 Cryo EM$75$90$150
Leica Ultramicrotome$25$30$50
Leica Cryo-ultramicrotome$35$42$70
Leica Cryostat$35$42$70

* Volume discounts will be applied to PI laboratories using the microscopes as follows: For 301-600 billable hours the standard rate will be discounted 25%. For usage greater than 601 hours the standard rate will be discounted 50%.

Hours are tracked and invoiced monthly during a fiscal year (July - June).


Transmission Electron Microscopes


4 items

Microscopes ...

Sample Preparation

Biological Specimen Preparation


8 items

Sample Preparation ...

Carbon Evaporators

Carbon Evaporators


2 items

Carbon Evaporators ...

Additional Equipment

  • Image analysis workstation
  • Olympus BX51 optical/fluorescence microscope
  • Olympus CK2 cell culture microscope
  • Leica CM1950 cryostat
  • Leica EM KMR2 knife maker