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The Yale Small Molecule Discovery Center helps researchers discover small molecules with precise, valuable activities. Specifically, we work with you to design, optimize and perform small molecule screens to modify the activities of biological systems of interest. In the Center, Yale researchers have performed a variety of biochemical and cell-based assays to identify small molecules with specific activities for target molecules, cells or organisms including: enzymatic inhibitors, inhibitors of protein-protein interactions, modifiers of protein polymerization states, inducers and repressors of gene expression, toxic responses and developmental modifiers in model organisms.

The Yale Small Molecule Discovery Center provides research services drawing upon the extensive experiences of our staff members, enabling the Yale community to access both compound collections and instrumentation for small molecule screens and other needs that require the scale and throughput of the Center instruments. Our approach is service-oriented and result-driven, to provide an efficient route to your requirements based on quantitative data. Although the specific assay components and needs for all projects are different, the methods we use to conduct projects are standardized so that you can capitalize on efficiencies we have established through experience. 

We have performed assays for the following applications, and relish the opportunity to work with you to optimize assays for additional needs or using new technologies: 

Biochemical Assays

  • Enzymatic Assays
  • Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Protein-Small Molecule Interactions (including Small Molecule Microarray)
  • Cellular Assays (including primary cell lines, transiently transfected cells, inducible promoters)
  • Proliferation/Toxicity
  • Reporter Assays
  • Cellular Differentiation
  • Membrane transporter Inhibition
  • Promoter Activation/Inhibition
  • GPCR Agonist/Antagonist
  • Biofilm Formation
  • Calcium Flux
  • Micro-RNA Activity Assays 

Organism-Based Assays (includes zebrafish, algae, C. elegans, A. thaliana)
  • Developmental Process
  • Behavioral/Signaling Pathway

  • MIC testing of pathogenic bacteria 


Janie Merkel, Ph.D.
Director of Biology

Michael S. Kinch, Ph.D.
Managing Director
203-737-3147 (Office)