Developmental Therapeutics

Alan Clayton Sartorelli PhD

Alfred Gilman Professor of Pharmacology

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Developmental Therapeutics


Developmental Therapeutics

Research Interests

Cancer research; Drug development; Drug resistance more...


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1958

Selected Publications

  • Ishiguro, K. and Sartorelli, A. C. Relationship Between the Induction of Leukemia Cell Differentiation and the Enhancement of Reporter Gene Expression in 3T3 Swiss Cells. Leukemia Res., 32: 89-96 (2008).
  • Ishiguro, K., Shyam, K., Penketh, P. G., and Sartorelli, A. C. Development of an O6-Alkyltransferase Assay Based on Covalent Transfer of the Benzyl Moiety from [benzene-3H]O6-benzylguanine to the Protein. Anal. Biochem., 383: 44-51 (2008).
  • Lin, Z. P., Zhu, Y-L., Johnson, D. R., Rice, K. P., Nottoli, T., Hains, B. C., McGath, Waxman, S. G., and Sartorelli, A. C. Disruption of cAMP and PGE2 Transport by Mrp4 Deficiency Alters cAMP-mediated Signaling and Nociceptive Response. Molec. Pharmacol., 73: 243-251 (2008).



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