Program Members


DiMaio, Daniel C.

  • Office: (203) 785-2684

Yarbrough, Wendell

Clinical Interests: head & neck cancer; ent cancer, oral cancer, oropharyngeal cancer;throat cancer, laryngeal cancer;voice box cancer, head and neck cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, human papilloma virus, human papillomavirus, salivary cancer, acidic cell carcinoma, adenoid cystic, adenoid cystic carcinoma, mucoepidermoid, mucoepidermoid carcinoma, thyroid cancer, well-differentiated thyroid cancer, medullary cancer, medullary, papillary thyroid cancer, papillary, follicular thyroid cancer, follicular, anaplastic thyroid cancer, anaplastic, lymphoma, skin cancer, melanoma, lip cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, base of tongue cancer, nasal cancer, sinus cancer, esthesioneuroblastoma, buccal cancer, palate cancer, soft palate, hard palate, soft palate cancer, soft palate cancer

  • Appt: (203) 200-4622


Brandsma, Janet L

Research Interests: Molecular biology of papillomavirus pathogenesis; Development of protective and therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated disease; Vaccines; Virology

  • Office: (203) 785-4401

El-Guindy, Ayman Sayed

Research Interests: DNA replication; Tumor virus; Herpesvirus; Oncogenic; Transcription factor; Replication protein; Phosphorylation; Protein modification; Kinase

    Hudnall, Stanley David

    Research Interests: Tumor immunology; Chronic inflammation; Tumor viruses

    • Office: (203) 737-1221

    Issaeva, Natalia

    Research Interests: Oncogenes and tumor suppressors; DNA replication and repair; P53 regulation and signaling; Head and neck cancer; Human papilloma virus

    • Office: (203) 737-6341
    • Appt: (203) 785-5430

    Iwasaki, Akiko

    Research Interests: Innate immunity; Autophagy; Inflammasomes; Sexually transmitted infections; Herpes simplex virus; Human papillomavirus; Respiratory virus infections; Influenza infection; T cell immunity; Commensal bacteria

    • Office: (203) 785-2919
    • Lab: (203) 785-7662

    Judson, Benjamin L.

    • Appt: (203) 200-4622

    Kaech, Susan

    Research Interests: Mechanisms of memory T cell development; Developmental Biology; Immunobiology; Immunology; Vaccine; Immunobiology; T-Cells; Vaccines; Adaptive immunity and immunological memory to viruses

    • Office: (203) 737-2423
    • Lab: (203) 785-7661

    Kumar, Priti

    Research Interests: RNA interference (RNAi)-based strategies for treating viral infections

    • Office: (203) 737-3580

    Lindenbach, Brett David

    Research Interests: Cell Biology; Enveloped Viruses; Hepatitis; Hepatitis C Virus; Molecular Biology; Positive-strand RNA Viruses; RNA; Virology; Virus

    • Office: (203) 785-4705
    • Lab: (203) 785-2377

    Means, Robert

    Research Interests: Viruses; Immune responses; AIDS-associated cancers; KSHV; Adverse pregnancy events; Oncogenesis; Cancer metabolism; Tumor virology; Herpesviruses

    • Office: (203) 785-6160
    • Lab: (203) 785-7614

    Miller, I George, Jr

    Research Interests: Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV); Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV); Tumor virology

    • Office: (203) 785-4758
    • Appt: (203) 785-4730

    Mothes, Walther H

    Research Interests: cell biology; retroviral replication; retroviruses; immune; viral biology; genetic; biochemical; cell imaging; Viral entry and exit; Retroviruses including HIV

    • Office: (203) 737-2203

    Pyle, Anna Marie

    Research Interests: Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

    • Office: (203) 432-5633

    Robek, Michael

    Research Interests: Virus-host interactions; Viral immunology; Hepatitis viruses; Interferon

    • Office: (203) 785-6174
    • Lab: (203) 785-7672

    Rose, John K

    Research Interests: Virology; Vaccine and gene expression vectors based on rhabdoviruses; Membrane protein assembly, transport and targeting; Viral assembly

    • Office: (203) 785-6184

    Santin, Alessandro D.

    Research Interests: Mutational landscape of gynecolocic tumors; Therapeutic vaccine development for gynecologic malignancies; Tumor immunology; Immunotherapy; Tumor angiogenesis; Radiation biology; Experimental therapeutics in gynecologic oncology

    • Office: (203) 737-4450
    • Appt: (203) 200-4176

    Schlieker, Christian

    Research Interests: DYT1 Dystonia, Membrane dynamics, Torsin ATPases, Alternative nuclear transport (nuclear egress), Protein quality control, viral pathogenesis

    • Office: (203) 432-5035

    Steitz, Joan A

    Research Interests: Autoantibodies; Gene Expression; RNA; RNA Processing; SnRNPs; Viral Transformation

    • Office: (203) 737-4418

    Sutton, Richard

    Research Interests: HIV replication and the development of small animal models of HIV; HIV vectors; HIV replication and gene transfer into non-dividing cells

    • Office: (203) 737-3648
    • Lab: (203) 737-3632

    Tattersall, Peter John

    Research Interests: Biochemistry; Genetics; Parvoviruses; DNA replication; Gene therapy; Oncolytic virus; Vaccines; Vectors; Viral replication and vectors

    • Office: (203) 785-4586
    • Lab: (203) 785-6517

    Van den Pol, Anthony N.

    Research Interests: Hypothalamus; Neuroendocrinology; Neural control of energy homeostasis; Neuropeptide modulation of amino acid transmitter actions; Hypocretin/orexin and MCH neurons; Neurovirology; Viral vectors; Oncolytic viruses

    • Office: (203) 785-5823

    Xiong, Yong

    Research Interests: Innate immune systems; HIV; fatty acid synthase (FAS); polyketide synthase (PKS); Viral vectors

    • Office: (203) 436-2608

    Yarbrough, Wendell

    Research Interests: Head and neck oncology; Salivary oncology; Mouse modeling of human cancer; Human-in-mouse cancer models; Tumor suppressor activity; Molecular defects in cancer; NF-kappa B; NF-kB; Signaling; DNA damage; Human papilloma virus; HPV

    • Appt: (203) 200-4622