Program Members


Chen, Lieping

  • Office: (203) 737-6338

Shlomchik, Warren D

Clinical Interests: Bone marrow transplant

  • Office: (203) 737-2478
  • Appt: (203) 200-4363


Ariyan, Stephan

  • Office: (203) 785-5600
  • Appt: (203) 785-5600

Askenase, Philip William

Research Interests: Our focus is newly recognized extracellular nanovesicles called exosomes (100 nanometers across; one 500th the size of cells) that are made by all cells, present in all fluids and made in some form by all species down to and including bacteria and fungi. Remarkably, they transfer small RNAs between cells, particularly miRNAs, to then function genetically in the acceptor cells. Our system has been CD8+ suppressor T cells that make antigen specific exosomes due to a coating of immunoglobulin light chains that are induced by antigen high dose tolerance to suppress effector T cells. Our initial system was the mouse model of allergic cutaneous contact hypersensitivity dermatitis (poison ivy), but now has been extended to delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) to the protein antigen ovalbumin. A remarkable aspect of this system is that these tiny vesicles that contain only 0.2 attoliters carry miRNA at zeptomolar concentration to function in vivo in an endocrine manner to genetically alter the function of distant effector T cells at the site of active responses. This new cell to cell communication system, that seems fundamental to life, has led us to now investigate exosome treatment by the intranasal route where the vesicles cross the dorsal anterior sinus cribriform plate to then pass the blood barrier and strongly inhibit the mouse model of autoimmune multiple sclerosis. Further, we are contemplating use of healing mesenchymal stem cell exosomes for similar treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases, such as autism. It is interesting that basic allergy research on poison ivy has led to consideration of entirely new therapies for multiple sclerosis and autism.

  • Office: (203) 785-4170

Becker, Kevin Patrick

Research Interests: Primary brain tumors; Immunotherapeutics; Novel drug delivery; Nano-particles in the treatment of glioblastoma

  • Appt: (203) 200-4759

Bender, Jeffrey R.

Research Interests: Inflammatory, Immune, Metabolic and Hormonal Effects on the Endothelium

  • Office: (203) 737-2223
  • Appt: (203) 737-2223

Bothwell, Alfred L. M.

Research Interests: Human T cell recognition; Inflammation and cancer; Type 1 diabetes; Function of PPARs

    Bucala, Richard

    Research Interests: Mechanisms by which host immunity converts from a protective response to one producing disease and tissue pathology; Emergence of steroid resistance; Biochemical, biological, and genetic characterization of the MIF cytokine family; MIF's role in malaria and global infectious diseases; Pharmacologic immuniomodulation of the MIF pathway; Role of fibrocytes in different systemic fibroses

    • Office: (203) 785-2453
    • Lab: (203) 737-5103

    Chen, Lieping

    Research Interests: Lymphocyte activation and tolerance; Costimulation and coinhibition; Tumor site immune modulation; Immunotherapy of advanced human cancer; Immunotherapy of advanced autoimmune diseases

    • Office: (203) 737-6338

    Chirnomas, Debbie

    Research Interests: Impact and management of iron overload; Red cell transfusion therapy; Stem cell transplantation

    • Office: (203) 785-4640
    • Appt: (203) 200-2400

    Colegio, Oscar Rene

    Research Interests: Squamous cell carcinoma; Casal cell carcinoma; Melanoma; Tumor-associated macrophages; Immunology; Hypoxia; Epithelial-mesenchymal transitions; Solid organ transplantation

    • Office: (203) 785-4092
    • Appt: (203) 789-1249

    Cooper, Dennis L.

    Research Interests: High-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplants for breast cancer, Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma; Organ-preservation therapy for head and neck cancer; Long-term complication of chemotherapy and radiation

    • Appt: (203) 200-4363

    Craft, Joseph Edgar

    Research Interests: Autoimmunity; Cytokines; Lupus; T Cell Differentiation; Tolerance

    • Office: (203) 785-2453

    Cresswell, Peter

    Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of antigen processing; Assembly and intracellular transport of CD1 molecules, Class I and Class II MHC molecules; Effector functions; mechanisms of action of interferon-induced proteins; Viral immunity

    • Office: (203) 785-5176

    Dhodapkar, Kavita

    Research Interests: Tumor immunology

    • Office: (203) 785-4640
    • Appt: (203) 785-4640

    Dhodapkar, Madhav V.

    Research Interests: Myeloma and related plasma cell disorders; Human immune system's interaction with growing tumors in patients; Preneoplastic monoclonal gammopathy and multiple myeloma, tumor and host related factors

    • Appt: (203) 200-4363

    Edelson, Richard L

    Research Interests: Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL); Human T cell physiology; Immunobiology of normal and diseased skin

    • Office: (203) 785-4091
    • Appt: (203) 789-1249

    Flavell, Richard A

    Research Interests: Animal Models; Autoimmunity; Diabetes; Gene Expression; Gene Transfer; Genes; Immune System; Lyme Borreliosis Or Lyme Disease; Molecular Cellular Entities; Recombinant DNA; Transgenic Animals; Autoimmunity; Knockout Mice; Lyme Disease; T Cell Lineages; Tolerance; Transgenic Mice

    • Office: (203) 737-2216

    Foss, Francine M

    Research Interests: T Cell Lymphoma, Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma, Stem cell allotransplantation; Pharmacologic agents for lymphoma; Bone marrow transplantation

    • Appt: (203) 200-4363

    Galan, Jorge E

    Research Interests: Microbial Pathogenesis; Host/pathogen interaction

    • Office: (203) 737-2404

    Girardi, Michael

    Research Interests: Cancer; Carcinogenesis; Cellular Immunology; Chemotherapy; Dermatology; DNA; Immunobiology; Immunology; Receptors; Tumor Immunology

    • Office: (203) 785-4092
    • Lab: (203) 785-6564
    • Appt: (203) 789-1249

    Glusac, Earl John

    Research Interests: Histologic mimickers of malignant melanoma

    • Office: (203) 785-4094
    • Appt: (203) 785-4094

    Haberman, Ann M

    Research Interests: B lymphocytes; Germinal center formation; Cell migration in vivo; Two-photon laser scanning microscopy

    • Office: (203) 785-7349
    • Lab: (203) 785-6556

    Hanlon, Douglas John

    Research Interests: Transimmunization Therapy

    • Office: (203) 785-6693

    Kavathas, Paula B

    Research Interests: Gene Regulation; Immunology; Molecular Cellular Entities; Receptors; Structure or Function (Health or Safety or Medical); Transgenic Animals

    • Office: (203) 785-6223

    Kleinstein, Steven H

    Research Interests: Computational immunology; Systems biology; Bioinformatics; Disease/tissue/pathway/process modeling and simulation; B cell immunoglobulin repertoire analysis; Influenza

    • Office: (203) 785-6685

    Mamula, Mark Joseph

    Research Interests: Autoimmune diseases

    • Office: (203) 737-2840

    McNiff, Jennifer Madison

    Research Interests: Histopathologic evaluation of inflammatory and neoplastic skin disease; Immunofluorescence studies; Cutaneous lymphoma and murine models of graft vs. host disease

    • Office: (203) 785-4094
    • Appt: (203) 785-4094

    Medzhitov, Ruslan M

    Research Interests: Inflammation; Allergy; Immunology; Innate Immunity; Pathophysiology

    • Office: (203) 785-7541

    Meffre, Eric RF

    Research Interests: Human B-cell tolerance; Primary immunodeficiencies; Autoimmune diseases

    • Office: (203) 737-4535

    Narayan, Deepak

    Research Interests: Melanomas; Hemangiomas and vascular malformations; Pathogenesis of Dupuytren's disease

    • Office: (203) 785-7313
    • Appt: (203) 785-7313

    Pereira, João P.

    Research Interests: Immunology; Hematopoiesis; B-lymphocyte development; Bone marrow niches; Cell migration

      Pober, Jordan Stuart

      Research Interests: Immunobiology of vascular endothelial cells; Cytokine actions and mechanisms; Transplantation immunology

      • Office: (203) 737-2292

      Rothlin, Carla Vanina

      Research Interests: Regulation of inflammation; Homeostatic control of the immune system

      • Office: (203) 737-4679

      Ruddle, Nancy Hartman

      Research Interests: Cell trafficking and inflammation in autoimmunity and lymphoid organ development

      • Office: (203) 785-3281

      Schatz, David G.

      Research Interests: Biochemical mechanism and developmental regulation of V(D)J recombination and somatic hypermutation; Lymphocyte development; Mechanisms of DNA repair; Function of the RAG1 and RAG2 proteins; Mechanisms of lymphomagenesis

      • Office: (203) 737-2255
      • Lab: (203) 785-3247

      Seropian, Stuart Evan

      • Appt: (203) 200-4363

      Shlomchik, Warren D

      Research Interests: Mechanisms of antigen presentation; T cell effector function; Regulation of Graft-vs.-Host Disease and Graft-vs.-Leukemia

      • Office: (203) 737-2478
      • Appt: (203) 200-4363

      Smith, Brian Richard

      Research Interests: Inflammation-Coagulation Interface; Hematology; Bioethics; Biomedical Engineering; Laboratory Medicine Education; Therapeutic Pathology

      • Office: (203) 688-2286

      Snyder, Edward Leonard

      Research Interests: Cytoskeleton; Health and Medicine; Membranes; Metabolism; Apheresis Technology; Pathogen Inactivation; Platelet Apoptosis; Platelet Storage Lesion Manufacturing Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts for Pediatric Surgical Patients

      • Office: (203) 688-2441
      • Appt: (203) 688-2441

      Sznol, Mario

      Research Interests: Cancer drug development; Cancer immunotherapy and novel agents

      • Appt: (203) 200-6622

      Tigelaar, Robert E

      Research Interests: Immunobiology of gdT cells; Immune system-skin interactions; Immunopathogenesis of contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

      • Office: (203) 785-4968
      • Appt: (203) 789-1249