Clinical Trials

Pediatric Cancers

A Multi-institutional Feasibility Study of Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy Given in the Ophthalmic Artery of Children with Retinoblastoma: A Limited Institution Pilot Study
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
A Phase II Trial of Response-Based Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Patients with Localized Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors (CNS GCT)
Disease/Condition: Brain and Nervous System
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
A Phase III Randomized Trial for Patients with de novo AML using Bortezomib and Sorafenib for patients with High Allelic Ratio FLT3/ITD
Disease/Condition: Cancer | Myeloid and Monocytic Leukemia
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
A Phase III Study of Chlorhexidine Gluconate Cleansing in Preventing Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection and Acquisition of Multi-drug Resistant Organisms in Younger Patients With Cancer or Undergoing Donor Stem Cell Transplant
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
A Randomized Phase III Study of Standard Cytarabine Plus Daunomycin (7+3) Therapy versus Idarubicin with High Dose Cytarabine (IA) with or without Vorinostat (IA+V) in Younger Patients with Previously Untreated Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
Disease/Condition: Myeloid and Monocytic Leukemia
Principal Investigator: Nikolai Podoltsev
AALL1231 -- A Phase III Randomized Trial Investigating Bortezomib (NSC#681239; IND#58443) on a Modified Augmented BFM (ABFM) Backbone in Newly Diagnosed T-Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL_ and T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (T-LLy) -- A Groupwide Phase III Study
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
Intergroup Trial for Children or Adolescents With B-Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma or B-Acute Leukemia: Evaluation of Rituximab Efficacy and Safety in High Risk Patients - Phase III Trial
Disease/Condition: Leukemia, other
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick
Newly Diagnosed High Risk B-Precursor ALL - Clofarabine
Disease/Condition: Leukemia, not otherwise specified
Principal Investigator: Nina Kadan-Lottick