Ruth Halaban PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Dermatology

Research Interests

Genes controlling differentiation, proliferation, malignant transformation of melanocytes; Growth factors and receptor kinases; Signal transduction; Epigenetic modification and gene expression; Markers for melanoma, Next-Generation sequencing, mutations

Research Summary

Genes controlling differentiation, proliferation and malignant transformation of melanocytes, growth factors and receptor kinases, signal transduction, epigenetic modification and gene expression, markers for melanoma

Selected Publications

  • Shi, H., G. Moriceau, X. Kong, R.C. Koya, R. Nazarian, G.M. Pupo, A. Bacchiocchi, K.B. Dahlman, B. Chmielowski, J.A. Sosman, R. Halaban, R.F. Kefford, G.V. Long, A. Ribas, and R.S. Lo. 2012. Preexisting MEK1 Exon 3 mutations in V600E/KBRAF melanomas do not confer resistance to BRAF inhibitors. Cancer Discov. 2:414-424.
  • Davis, M.J., B.H. Ha, E.C. Holman, R. Halaban, J. Schlessinger, and T.J. Boggon. 2013. RAC1P29S is a spontaneously activating cancer-associated GTPase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110:912-917.
  • Ha, B.H., M.J. Davis, C. Chen, H.J. Lou, J. Gao, R. Zhang, M. Krauthammer, R. Halaban, J. Schlessinger, B.E. Turk, and T.J. Boggon. 2012. Type II p21-activated kinases (PAKs) are regulated by an autoinhibitory pseudosubstrate. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
  • Krauthammer, M., Y. Kong, B.H. Ha, P. Evans, A. Bacchiocchi, J.P. McCusker, E. Cheng, M.J. Davis, G. Goh, M. Choi, S. Ariyan, D. Narayan, K. Dutton-Regester, A. Capatana, E.C. Holman, M. Bosenberg, M. Sznol, H.M. Kluger, D.E. Brash, D.F. Stern, M.A. Materin, R.S. Lo, S. Mane, S. Ma, K.K. Kidd, N.K. Hayward, R.P. Lifton, J. Schlessinger, T.J. Boggon, and R. Halaban. 2012. Exome sequencing identifies recurrent somatic RAC1 mutations in melanoma. Nat Genet. 44:1006-1014
  • Halaban, R., W. Zhang, A. Bacchiocchi, E. Cheng, F. Parisi, S. Ariyan, M. Krauthammer, J.P. McCusker, Y. Kluger, and M. Sznol. 2010. PLX4032, a selective BRAF(V600E) kinase inhibitor, activates the ERK pathway and enhances cell migration and proliferation of BRAF(WT) melanoma cells. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. 23:190-200.
  • Koga, Y., Pelizzola, M., Cheng, E., Krauthammer, M., Sznol, M., Ariyan, S., Narayan, D., Molinaro, A. M., Halaban, R., and Weissman, S. M. Genome-wide screen of promoter methylation identifies novel markers in melanoma. Genome Res, published online June 2, 2009.
  • Halaban, R., Krauthammer, M. Pelizzola, M., Cheng, E., Kovacs, D. Sznol, M. Ariyan, S. Narayan, D., Bacchiocchi, A., Molinaro, A., Kluger, K. Deng, M., Tran, N. Zhang, W. Picardo, M., Enghild, JJ. (2009), Integrative Analysis of Epigenetic Modulation in Melanoma Cell Response to Decitabine: Clinical Implications. PlosOne, 4, e4563
  • Pelizzola, M., Y. Koga, et al. (2008). MEDME: An experimental and analytical methodology for the estimation of DNA methylation levels based on microarray derived MeDIP-enrichment. Genome Res 18: 1652-9.

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