Harris E Foster Jr MD

Professor of Urology; Director, Female Urology and Neuro-Urology; Residency Program Director

Research Interests

Benign prostatic hyperplasis clinical trials; Interstitial cystitis clinical trials; Basic science investigations into changes in receptor system in the prostate in response to treatment with standard pharmacotherapies

Research Summary

Dr. Harris Emilio Foster Jr.'s research interests revolve around neurogenic dysfunction of the lower urinary tract, incontinence, and female urology. At present, he and his group are investigating the distribution of adrenergic, muscarinic and endothelin receptors in the lower urinary tract of rats and rabbits. In addition, they are involved in determining the role nitric oxide synthase plays in the pathogenesis of lower urinary tract dysfunction. The team has found that nitric oxide synthase is high in patients with urinary tract infections; however, it is significantly lower than controls in female patients with interstitial cystitis. Dr. Foster Jr. and his colleagues hope to eventually apply this knowledge to improving both the diagnosis and treatment of interstitial cystitis. Presently, they have treated a small number of patients with oral L-ariginine, which is a substrate for nitric oxide synthase obtaining encouraging results. A randomized double-blind placebo controlled study is now in progress to further investigate these preliminary findings. Other projects include assessing the long term efficacy of surgical procedures to treat female stress urinary incontinence, and the use of non-surgical methods such as biofeedback. Finally, Dr. Foster Jr. is the principal investigator at Yale University for an NIH sponsored 7 year randomized clinical trial assessing the ability of doxazosin and/or finasteride to delay or prevent the progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Selected Publications

  • Saito M, Wada Y, Ikeda K, Wang Z, Smith SD, Foster HE, Nishi K, Weiss RM, Latifpour J, Gene expression, localization, and pharmacological characterization of endothelin receptors in diabetic rat bladder dome., European Journal of Pharmacology, 387(3):253-63, 17 2000
  • Smith, S.D., Wheeler, M.A., Foster, H.E., and Weiss, R.M.: Urinary nitric oxide synthase and cyclic GMP levels are decreased with intersitial cystitis and increased with urinary tract infections. J. Urol. 155:1432-1435, 1996
  • Saito, M., Nishi, K., Foster, H.E., Weiss, R.M., and Latifpour, J: Effect of experimental diabetes on rat prostate endothelin receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 310:197-200, 1996

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