Chun Geun Lee MD, PhD, MSc

Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary)

Research Interests

Asthma; Pulmonary Fibrosis; Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; Pulmonary Angiogenesis; Vascular Remodeling; Pulmonary Hypertension

Research Summary

Dr. Lee's research focuses on generation and characterization of lung-specific transgenic mice for asthma and pulmonary fibrosis study, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in the lung: relation to airway response, remodeling and asthma pathogenesis, and the molecular mechanism of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD; Emphysema)

Selected Publications

  • Lee CG , Hartl D, Lee GR, Koller B, Matsuura H, DaSilva CA, Sohn MH, Cohn L, Homer RJ, Kozhich AA, Humbles A, Kearley J, Coyle A, Chupp G, Reed J, Flavell RA, Elias JA. Role of breast regression protein 39 (BRP-39)/Chitinase 3-like-1 in Th2 and IL-13-induced tissue responses and apoptosis. J Exp Med. 206(5):1149-66, 2009.
  • Lee CG, Hartl D, Matsuura H, Dunlop F, Scottney P, Fabri L, Chen N-Y, Chen C-Y, Chen Q, Homer RJ, Nash A, Baca M, Elias JA. Endogenous IL-11 signaling is essential in Th2- and IL-13-induced inflammation and mucus production. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 39(6):739-46, 2008.
  • Yamasaki M, Kang HR, Homer RJ, Chapoval SP, Cho SJ, Lee BJ, Elias JA. and Lee CG. P21 Regulates TGF-ß-Induced Pulmonary Responses via a TNF-a signaling Pathway. Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol, 38(3):346-53, 2008.
  • Chupp GL, Lee CG, Jarjour N, Shim YM, Holm KT, He S, Dziura JD, Reed J, Coyle AJ, Kiener P, Cullen M, Grandsaigne M, Dombret M-C, Aubier M, Pretolani M, Elias JA. A Chitinase-like Protein in the Lung and Circulation of Patients with Severe Asthma. N Engl J Med 357:2016-2027, 2007.
  • Kang HR*, Lee CG*, Homer RJ, Elias JA. Semaphorin 7A Plays a Critical Role in TGF-ß1-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis and Alveolar Destruction. J Exp Med 204(5):1083-93, 2007 *, equal contribution.
  • Lee C.G. and Elias JA. Transgenic Models. In Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine, Elsevier eds: Laurent GL and Shapiro S, pp. 283-287, 2006.
  • Bhandari, V., Choo-Wing, R., Lee, C.G., Zhu, Z., Nedrelow, J. H., Chupp, G.L., Matthay,M.A., Homer, R.J., Elias, J.A. Hyperoxia causes angiopoietin-2-mediated acute lung injury and necrotic cell death. Nature Medicine 12(11):1286-93, 2006.
  • Bhandari V, Choo-Wing R, Chapoval SP, Lee CG, Tang C, Kim YK, Ma B, Baluk P, Lin MI, McDonald DM, Homer RJ, Sessa WC, Elias JA. Essential role of nitric oxide in VEGF-induced, asthma-like angiogenic, inflammatory, mucus, and physiologic responses in the lung. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 18103(29):11021-6, 2006.
  • Cho SJ, Kang MJ, Homer RJ, Kang HR, Zhang X, Lee PJ, Elias JA, Lee CG. Role of early growth response-1 (Egr-1) in IL-13-induced inflammation and remodeling. J Biol Chem. 281(12):8161-8, 2006.
  • Elias J.A., Lee C.G. Lipid let loose in pulmonary emphysema. Nature Medicine 11(5):471-2, 2005.


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