Your First Visit with Us

Please review the following checklist and try to bring the requested material if you have access to it. The list is only intended to make your visit with us as efficient as possible. If you have not seen another doctor for the medical problem that you are seeking advice for you may not have any of the below mentioned materials.

Outside MRI Films

The following films are most important:

  • Initial MRI scan when you were diagnosed
  • First MRI scan after surgery
  • MRI scan after radiation therapy
  • Most recent MRI
  • Outside laboratory data (such as results from a lumbar puncture or blood draw) or other test results (nerve conduction study/EMG, EEG etc.)
  • Outside pathology report
  • Pathology slides
    Ideally, you bring the pathology slides from a previous surgery with you on the day of your appointment or even mail them to us ahead of time. Contact your surgeon or the pathology department of the hospital where you underwent surgery to obtain the slides.
  • A list of your current medication