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fMRI Seminar Series

Spring 2015


Tal Yarkoni, PhD (University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology).

Title: "Neurosynth: an open framework for large-scale synthesis of the human fMRI literature"


Ania Jastreboff, MD/PhD (Yale Internal Medicine/Pediatric Endocrinology).

Title: "TBA"


John Krystal, MD (Yale Psychiatry).

Title: "TBA"


Rajita Sinha, PhD (Yale Psychiatry).

Title: "TBA"


Hugh Garavan, PhD (University of Vermont, Associate Professor, Depts. of Psychiatry and Psychology)

Title: "TBA"


Xue Sun (Yale Neuroscience).

Title: "TBA"


Gina Kuperberg, MD/PhD (Tufts University/MGH, Professor, Dept. of Psychology; Principal Investigator, Psychiatry).

Title: "TBA"


Brent Vander Wyk, PhD (Yale Child Study Center).

Title: "TBA"


David Glahn, PhD (Institute of Living-Olin/Yale Psychiatry). *rescheduled from last semester

Title: "TBA"

Talks begin promptly at 10am and are held in The Anlyan Center room N203 -- one floor above MRRC, at 300 Cedar St.
Coffee and donuts will be served.

If you have any questions, please contact Hedy Kober (hedy dot

Past fMRI Seminar Series

Seminars & Conferences

Bioimaging Sciences Seminar Series

Tuesdays at 4pm, Weekly
Fall 2013 Schedule

The Anlyan Center, Room N135
300 Cedar St
New Haven, CT 06519

fMRI Seminar Series

Thursdays at 10am, Weekly
Spring 2015 Schedule

The Anlyan Center, Room N203

Neuromolecular Imaging Seminar Series

YSM, Trask Room (LMP 3-108) 
Fridays at 4pm, Bi-Weekly
Click here for schedule

Refreshments served 15 minutes prior to start of seminar. For further information on these seminar series or to be included on the announcement mailing lists, please contact:

Lesley Nadeau  (203) 785-6199

Bioimaging Sciences Seminar Series

August 27, Tuesday (1 pm) at Brady auditorium (310 Cedar Street)

Imaging the Human Connectome: Innovations in Methodology and Initial Results

Kamil Ugurbil (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN)

September 10, Tuesday (4:15 pm) at N135 TAC (300 Cedar Street)

Intraoperative Optical Biopsy of Tumor Margins and Lymph Nodes during Breast Cancer Surgery

Stephen Boppart (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL)

November 19, Tuesday (4:15 pm) at N135 TAC (300 Cedar Street)

New in vivo 31P MRS approach for studying intracellular NAD+/NADH redox state and metabolism in living brains

Wei Chen (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN)

December 10, Tuesday (4:15 pm) at N135 TAC (300 Cedar Street)

Metabolic Brain Networks in Neurodegenerative Disorders

David Eidelberg (Feinstein Institute, North Shore, Long Island, NY)

Past Bioimaging Sciences Seminar Series