Yale & New Haven

Yale and New Haven are intimately connected and together offer a wealth of fun and affordable things to do on a grad student budget. Click on the links to the right to learn about the revitalization of the city and the neighborhoods in which students live. Read about the abundance of cultural resources, the various sports venues, the incredible dining, and the many destinations within driving distance of the city. With so much to do, New Haven has become an attractive location for students, new faculty recruits, and young professionals. 

But Can Students Afford to Live Here?

What good is a thriving city if you can’t afford to enjoy it? This question is especially relevant to students planning to attend universities in expensive metropolitan areas. In these regions, a student stipend can be stretched to its limit to afford basic necessities. Having money left over for concerts, restaurants, or any other city attractions may prove quite difficult. By contrast, New Haven is a relatively inexpensive place in which to live, and BBS graduate students enjoy surprisingly comfortable lifestyles. The current stipend of $34,450 enables students to afford apartments quite close to campus and yet still provides enough money to enjoy the many attractions mentioned elsewhere in this section of the BBS site.

See What Yale Has to Offer

Click on the image below to access an interactive pdf of fun and educational things you can do as a Yale graduate student.

New Haven

New Haven, affectionately known as "The Elm City", had the first public tree planting program in America. The resulting canopy of large trees includes a number of large elms.