Yale Cancer Biology Training Program (CBTP)


Comprehensive cancer training to educate graduate students and postdoctoral trainees on practical clinical issues of oncology, and to prepare trainees to lead translational research on teams including basic scientists and clinicians.

Special features 

  • apply for CBTP Spring of year 1 of training 
  • two year program beginning year 2 of training 
  • CBTP is an add-on to BBS and training program requirements, but some CBTP courses fulfill training program requirements 
  • each trainee will have a clinical co-mentor to foster exposure to clinical concepts and decision-making through tumor boards and clinics 
  • three required courses that may fulfill some BBS/training program requirements 
  • certification as CBTP trainee upon successful completion of program

Yale University, with close proximity and teamwork by scientists, clinician-scientists, and clinicians, provides a rich environment for fundamental and translational cancer research. Yale is home for the Yale Cancer Center, designated as a US National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. Recent advances in understanding cancer, combined with unprecedented access to tumor DNA sequence data, and new rational therapeutic approaches created the need for a revolution in training of Ph.D. scientists. The Yale Cancer Biology Training Program provides a unique cancer-focused training experience intended to spawn the next generation of cancer scientific leaders. Training covers the genetic and biological underpinnings of cancer, the pathway to development of new therapies based upon this knowledge, and the practical challenges in applying these new therapies in cancer clinics.

CBTP Training

  1. a general survey class covering basic principles of cancer biology and genetics (Pathology 650b: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer.)
  2. a seminar course in which selected topics will be analyzed and discussed in depth: (Pathology 681a: Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology.)
  3. a clinically-oriented workshop that covers clinical trials, patient treatment patterns and clinical questions for major diseases; and personalized cancer medicine based on tumor resequencing.
  4. attendance at Yale Cancer Center Grand Rounds and program meetings
  5. clinical co-mentoring including clinical exposure for every CBTP trainee

For more information about the Yale Cancer Biology Training Program, contact
David F. Stern, PhD
Director, CBTP

For more information about cancer research at Yale 

The Yale Cancer Biology Training Program is supported by the US National Cancer Institute (T32 CA193200-01A1), Yale School of Medicine, and Yale Cancer Center

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